Tucker Carlson: “Abolishing the suburbs is a major part of the Biden administration's infrastructure plan”

Carlson: “This is not a conspiracy theory”

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Citation From the June 28, 2021, edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): According to Julian Castro, the existence of, quote, "concentrated poverty in urban centers, as opposed the suburbs, constituted de facto evidence of racial discrimination." In other words, as long as there is a place that's poorer than the place you live, the place you live is racist. That's insane. But, on the basis of that assumption, they move forward and local jurisdictions were told to eliminate single-family zoning and increase density in business districts, and if they didn't comply, they might lose millions of dollars in community development block grants from HUD. That was a very radical step, and most Americans were unaware it was even happening. And people who live outside the cities are very against it, including faithful Democrats. None of them were for that.

If they wanted to live next to Section 8 housing, they would've stayed in the city in the first place. So, people hate this idea. Suburbs are very complicated organisms, like everything humans build. They have developed over a century, in some cases more than a century, for good reason. To have federal ideologues come in and destroy them is very threatening to people. 


The Biden administration is in no mood for negotiation with suburban homeowners -- screw them, with their decent schools and crime-free streets, living in their little 1950s America. According to the principles of equity, those people must be bigots, by definition. They're living better than people who live in densely populated cities are living, therefore we must crush them. This is not a conspiracy theory. Very soon, it could be the law. Read the bill. Abolishing the suburbs is a major part of the Biden administration's infrastructure plan. That legislation is still being negotiated tonight, and it's not final, but already, the media are rushing to defend it. What shills they are, what liars.