Trump Surrogate Ben Carson Claims That Reagan Speechwriter Peggy Noonan Is A Progressive

Carson: “I Think She Is A Progressive ... She May Not Want To Admit It”

From the August 5 edition of Fox News' The Real Story:

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HEATHER NAUERT (HOST): All right, Doctor, let me ask you about this. Peggy Noonan who's certainly a conservative writer wrote today in The Wall Street Journal, “Mr. Trump is not going to get serious about running for president.” She says, “He does not have a second act, there are no hidden depths, there will be no 'pivot.' It is not that he is willful or stubborn, though he may be, it's that he doesn't have the skill set needed now: discretion, carefulness, generosity, judgment.” To those Republicans out there who believe that, and may do a write-in candidate or may vote for Hillary Clinton, what do you say to them about that sense?

BEN CARSON: I say that the left, the progressives, are going to pull every trick in the book. 

NAUERT: Yeah, but Peggy Noonan is not on the left. She's not a progressive. 

CARSON: I think she is a progressive. But at any rate -- she may not want to admit it, but if you look at some of the things she's been talking about. But anyway, here's the point. They do not want to see this happen. And what they have to do is divide the conservative base and make a bandwagon effect. Say anybody with any thinking ability will abandon Trump. But what people have to think about, it is not about what they think about Donald Trump. It is about what will happen when the Supreme Court and the federal courts are in the hands of the secular progressives. What will happen to America?

NAUERT: And one of the things we will be looking for this fall. Dr. Ben Carson, thank you so much. And for those of our viewers who perhaps aren't familiar with Peggy Noonan, she used to be a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan. 


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