Trump attorney snaps at Fox News host Steve Doocy: “You used to love Trump”

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Citation From the August 15, 2023 edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

STEVE DOOCY (FOX NEWS CO-HOST): What do you make, now, I've heard from a lot of legal analysts, and they say what is different about this case than the federal cases is Georgia has laws that are specifically tailored to election interference, and things like that. Andy McCarthy, a Fox News contributor and also he wrote an op-ed in The New York Post, he said that the Georgia indictment is the most perilous threat to former President Trump. Does President Trump know that this is a perilous threat?

ALINA HABBA (DONALD TRUMP ATTORNEY): We do not agree that it is a perilous threat because we actually have inside information. So I love when people --

DOOCY: What inside information?

HABBA: Well the inside information, Steve, and, you know, you used to love Trump. I got to tell you, I mean, this is something I'm not gonna breach, right? I have confidentiality and I have ethics and I'm gonna continue, but I think you need to understand something. When somebody is given a report, and he has reports that show that there was interference and you can be advised by one lawyer that says I don't think so and you could have another that says, no, I do think so, and here's some reports, and we know there were issues in Fulton County, right? We know. It's not a question, there was election issues, and the integrity of our election is in question at this very moment, and when he says, I want to look into it. I don't trust it, we need to look into it, that's his obligation as a president, okay? Look at Letitia James for instance, Steve. Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York stood up on a podium, who's suing the Trump Organization, and said President Trump is an illegitimate president. Now is she gonna get criminally charged? What about Hillary Clinton?