Trey Gowdy says a Fox News “legal commentator” turned Donald Trump against FISA

Gowdy: “Pompeo had to go get in the car and drive over there and flip the president's position”

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Citation From the April 11, 2024, edition of Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier

TREY GOWDY (GUEST): The other issue you may recall, Bret, the president once before, President Trump tweeted out that we should oppose reauthorization because he watched a legal commentator who used to be on Fox complain about FISA. Pompeo had to go get in the car and drive over there and flip the president's position. So he sent out another tweet before we voted. I don't hear his former national security advisor's opposing reauthorization. So, I hear him doing it, but I don't hear the people he put in charge of keeping our country safe opposed to this reauthorization.