Ted Cruz Praises Talk Radio, The Drudge Report For Taking GOP Messages “Directly To The People”

Cruz: “Almost Without Exception,” Professional Journalists Are “Partisan Liberal Democrats”

From the January 24 edition of Fox News' MediaBuzz:

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HOWARD KURTZ (HOST): When you bash the media -- and you've been unfairly at times, portrayed as somebody who scares little children -- but isn't that in your interest to do that? Your base loves that, they don't like the mainstream media.

TED CRUZ: Well, there's a reason they don't like the mainstream media, because they're partisan liberal Democrats.

KURTZ: Every single journalist?

CRUZ: Almost without exception.

KURTZ: Almost without exception?

CRUZ: Almost without exception. They have a partisan agenda, and we understand -- all right, let's take a substantive issue: police officers. If you have one police officer somewhere who does something he shouldn't have, the press will breathlessly report on this terrible, horrible police officer, and all the Democratic politicians will jump in and demonize and vilify the cops. Let me ask you something, how come the press doesn't tell stories of heroism? But the great news is, we don't live anymore in a world of three networks that have a stranglehold on information. We've got the Internet, we've got the Drudge Report, we've got talk radio, we've got social media. We've got the ability to go directly around and directly to the people.


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