Tea Party leader and regular CNN, Fox News guest Mark Williams repeatedly calls opponents “faggot”

Tea Party Express co-chair Mark Williams, one of the most visible spokespersons for the tea party movement, has repeatedly called his political opponents “faggot” on his blog.

In a December 26, 2007, post, Williams referred to former President Jimmy Carter as a “creepy little faggot”:

On January 27, 2008, Williams wrote that members of a Vermont town shouldn't be called “retard CHUDs" but “genetically defective, circus freak, tiny cranium, hairy-arm-pitted female & faggot alleged male biological train wrecks who totally make the argument for forced Eugenics”:

As we've noted, the Tea Party Express spokesman has also called President Obama and Jimmy Carter “Nazis,” and referred to Obama as the “racist in chief.” Williams is a birther who has forwarded claims that Obama was born in Kenya.

Despite his history of incendiary rhetoric, Williams is a regular guest on Fox News and CNN. For instance, Williams has appeared on CNN's Anderson Cooper 360 at least six times in the past four months: November 2, October 26, September 15, September 14, September 10, and August 13. He also appeared on CNN Newsroom in August. On the September 14 edition of American Morning, reporter Elaine Quijano referred to Williams as one of the “tea party leaders” who “disavow[ed] any racist views” by protestors.

Fox News, which frequently cheerleads for the tea party movement, has hosted Williams on Fox & Friends (numerous times), America's News HQ, and Hannity. Williams also appeared on Fox Business Network's Cavuto.

The Tea Party Express recently bragged to supporters that it's received “great television news coverage” from CNN and Fox News, and specifically cited a Fox News interview with Williams.

Given Williams' history of smears and slurs, and his prominent position with the Tea Party Express, will the media continue to extend “great coverage” to Williams and his group?