Special Report Promotes “GOP Alternatives” To ACA That Would Leave Millions Without Health Insurance

Fox News' Special Report promoted “GOP alternatives” proposed by Republican presidential hopefuls that would supposedly replace the Affordable Care Act if the Supreme Court strikes down the law's health insurance tax credits. But Fox's flagship program glossed over the fact that the GOP alternatives would not repair the damage and leave millions of Americans without health care coverage.

On March 4, the U.S. Supreme Court heard the opening arguments of the King v. Burwell case. The case involves whether the language of a subclause in the ACA, “Exchanges established by the State,” could prevent the IRS from providing tax credits to consumers who purchased insurance over the federal exchange.

During the March 11 edition of Special Report, Fox senior political correspondent Mike Emanuel highlighted “alternatives” proposed by GOP presidential contenders. The proposals ranged from former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's plan to shift health care choice back states, to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's plan to repeal ACA:

But none of the plans promoted by Fox proposed a way to help the millions of Americans left without a way to purchase affordable health insurance. As US News & World Report's Robert Schlesinger writes, the GOP “has yet to produce a plan encompassing the latter half of their 'repeal-and-replace' mantra.”

Nevertheless, despite the lack of a solution for this potential human and economic disaster, right-wing media continue to baselessly pretend there is a fallback plan in the event this attack on the ACA is successful.

A RAND Corporation study released in February found that, if the Court rules against the federal exchanges, 8 million people would lose their coverage, and unsubsidized health insurance premiums would increase by 47 percent.