Shepard Smith: Republicans are “running on ... your fear of an invasion of migrants”

Smith: Migrants are “not coming to get anyone. They're seeking relief”

From the October 23 edition of Fox News' Shepard Smith Reporting:

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SHEPARD SMITH (ANCHOR): What would it take for you to walk with your family for more than 1,100 miles in 105 degree feels like temperature with an entire government telling you we don't want you, to seek asylum from whatever it is you're trying to escape? Imagine. Let's take a look at how all this really began, the politics aside, please.


They're doing it and continuing to walk because everything is so horrible at home. They're not coming to get anyone. They're seeking relief from their hell at home. And that's the truth. 


Heddi tweets just now, “Sorry, Shep, we are not falling for your fake story. This is an invasion. This is not a caravan of poor migrants seeking a better life. Yes. There may be some of that there, but you're full of it if you believe what you're saying. POTUS has intel, you don't.” No he doesn't. POTUS has politics -- he told us just the other day so I can report to you with certainty, they're running on Kavanaugh and caravan. Your fear of an invasion of migrants. We just showed you their pictures. 


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