Shep Smith debunks false right-wing narrative that Republican secrecy on health care is the same as the Democrats'

Smith: “Republicans accused Democrats of doing this -- which they didn’t”

From the June 20 edition of Shepard Smith Reporting

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SHEPARD SMITH: Democrats are using new tactics to try to slow down the Republican push to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare. It comes as the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says, the Senate could vote on the health care reform next week before the July 4th recess. Remember, nobody knows, except for 12 men who are working on this behind closed doors, what's in this bill. No one will see it, at least until the Congressional Budget Office takes a look at it and then supposedly they'll vote within a day. Democrats ramped up their resistance yesterday, giving long speeches and accusing Republicans of trying to ram through a bill. Now they're using a rule to limit committee hearings. Will there be a hearing? It sounds like if so, it'll be about that long. Mike Emanuel on Capitol Hill. Mike, Republicans accused Democrats of doing this -- which they didn't -- back during Obamacare. They had multiple hearings on this. And now, Republicans are doing what they accused the Dems of doing. 

MIKE EMANUEL: That's right. Its a different view when you're in the majority versus being in the minority. 


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