Sean Hannity: “Woke ice cream company” Ben & Jerry's is responsible for any unrest following verdict in Kenosha shooting trial

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Citation From the November 15, 2021, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Last year, during the campaign, Joe Biden himself referring to Rittenhouse as a quote "white supremacist." Last week, House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries tweeted quote "Lock up Kyle Rittenhouse and just throw away the key." Multiple media outlets referring to Rittenhouse as a vigilante.

Woke ice cream company Ben & Jerry's tweeting: "The Rittenhouse trial displays yet again that our justice system is racist. How would this trial be going if he was a Black 17-year-old that crossed state lines illegally carrying an AR-15 and shot 3 white protestors? We need real justice in the legal system. This isn't it."

One fake news journalist took it a step farther tweeting: "Well, if you're defending Kyle Rittenhouse you must be a white supremacist." Think about it, powerful politicians, powerful media figures, ignoring key evidence, rushing to judgement as usual. Oh did I mention of course the case of Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh or Clarence Thomas or Richard Jewel or any of these examples. In this case, in order to destroy a 17-year-old, now 18-year-old young man all because of their political agenda. Now, by the way, any unrest that follows will be their fault. That's right, Joe Biden it will be your fault. Just like it's your fault anything that happens to any American in the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan that you abandoned. Hakeem Jeffries, you will be at fault.

All of you in the media mob it will be your fault. And everyone and anyone that rushed to judgement as per usual, the same cast of characters, those of you who created an expectation among the public based on a set of lies with zero evidence, zero due process, zero presumption of innocence, this is why we have these things.