Sean Hannity says the COVID vaccine is “not protecting many people”

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Citation From the August 18, 2021, edition of Fox News' Hannity

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): When COVID first hit, you were regularly on this show, on my radio show often, as a matter of fact. You mobilized every single state agency to protect the very large elderly population that you had in Florida. For example, you never sent COVID patients to nursing homes or the villages or any communities where people were older and more vulnerable. 

Now, you've done something  now that the CDC has said in no uncertain terms even fully vaccinated people  the vaccine will not prevent you from getting COVID. You have now done something that I think is quite innovative, and that is you have now institutionalized and mobilized your state once again to build  these monoclonal antibodies centers, Regeneron centers, Eli Lilly centers. So when people that are fully vaccinated or not get COVID, they can get the infusion of Regeneron as quickly as possible. And that's going to be available all throughout the state. You're in the process of doing it everywhere right now, is that correct?

RON DESANTIS (FLORIDA GOVERNOR): That's right. So we already have four sites up. We're going to have by the end of the week, we're going to have 10 to 15. They're going to each be able to do 320 treatments a day, Sean, which is a lot. So we're going to be doing thousands of these, and they're going to be available every single day. 

And you and I know people the data's very clear  but you and I know people. They took this, they had symptoms, and it was resolved. It can keep you out of the hospital and it can save your life. More people need to know about it and so that's one of the reasons we're doing these centers, so that people understand: if you are COVID-positive, you actually have an ability to do early treatment, which is great.

HANNITY: And that has probably been the most underreported therapeutic out there. Our friend, I know, Gov. [Greg] Abbott, he's in our prayers tonight. I know he had the infusion himself. I applaud you and others for doing this and setting this up immediately. Now that we — the science shows the vaccine will not necessarily protect you, it's not protecting many people.