Sean Hannity cuts to commercial as Nikki Haley brings up Trump's gaffe confusing her with Nancy Pelosi

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Citation From the February 8, 2024, edition of Fox News' Hannity

NIKKI HALEY (GUEST): You're saying that I was going to lose New Hampshire by 30 points and I got 43. So, I'm saying that, look, South Carolina hasn't happened yet. We're doing this because we have a country to save, and everybody's blinded by the fact that we've got these two 80-year-old candidates --

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): I've got to run.

HALEY: I mean, Trump got me confused with Pelosi not too long ago.

HANNITY: We've got to roll.

HALEY: We need to move forward, for the -- 

HANNITY: Nikki Haley, thank you for being with us.