Samantha Bee explains why Democratic presidential candidates should think twice before partnering with Fox News 

Bee: “When you go on Fox News, no matter how lit your town hall game is that night, you are legitimizing them. ... And if you do go on, they're just going to take you out of context anyway.”

From the May 22 edition of TBS' Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

SAMANTHA BEE (HOST): Look, Democratic candidates, this is obviously a complex issue -- oh wait, I'm sorry, it's not. You do not have to go on Fox News. I mean, OK, yes, there are some benefits to crossing the media aisle to try to reach new voters. While many Fox News viewers identify as Republicans, some Democrats and independents also get their news from it, which is shocking to me because the only time I watch Fox News is when I want to get rage horny before date night with my husband. It's like BDSM for the soul. Look, it's great to talk to as many voters as possible but where you talk to them matters. As [Sen.] Elizabeth Warren put it when she refused to appear on the network, “Fox News is a hate-for-profit racket,” which in all fairness would make it the first profitable racket Donald Trump has ever been involved in. 


In it's entire history, Fox News was never on the level, but in the Trump era, the network has become an extension of his administration, or maybe vice versa. They don't pretend otherwise, so why should anyone else? I'll remind you of just one example, Fox actually had the Stormy Daniels story before the election and they killed it in order to help Trump win. At a certain point, if you play along with Fox you don't look principled or bipartisan, you just look stupid. Nobody is impressed by how Charlie Brown reaches across the aisle to Lucy's football. Look guys, I'm not a political operative, you obviously know a lot more about running for president than I do. Apparently the first rule is safety in numbers. If you're sure that going on Fox is strategically the right thing to do, I guess go for it. In two years I'd rather be mildly disappointed in President Buttigieg than dancing for my birth control under President Trump. But I am sure that it is not morally the right thing to do. When you go on Fox News, no matter how lit your town hall game is that night, you are legitimizing them. You wouldn't go on North Korea's state television, right? Although, I'd understand if you wanted to be a judge on Kim Jong Un's favorite show, The Masked Rodman. And if you do go on, they're just going to take you out of context anyway. 


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