Rupert Murdoch still pushing phony tale about Fox News ratings spike; lies about WH dispute

On a recent conference call with shareholders and the press, Murdoch, asked about recent Fox News battle with the White House, continued to push the bogus line about a ratings spike [emphasis added]:

As far as tension with the White House, I think they've overplayed it. And it's probably been good for us in terms of ratings.

False, as we documented this week, Fox News' ratings virtually flatlined in the two weeks after the public controversy exploded.

And oh yeah, on the conference call Murdoch also lied about the dispute and what White House officials have said about Fox News:

They have said publicly that we hare absolutely fair in our reporting of the White House. They just don't like one or two of our commentators.

At least we know where the misinformation at Fox News starts -- at the top.