Rove-backed GOP slush fund now entering House races

This morning, American Crossroads, the GOP slush fund that has been heavily promoted by Karl Rove, announced that in addition to the heavy spending it's been doing in Senate races, it also plans to engage in “at least 15, and potentially more than 20, House races,” starting by airing ads in eight districts this week. And I'm sure Fox News still doesn't care.

The new House spending is in addition to the reported $3 million in new ad buys the group is rolling out in Senate races in Colorado, Missouri, Nevada, Illinois, Kentucky, and Florida.

On Sunday, Rove, Fox News' political analyst, responded to President Obama's comment that he had “funded and advised” American Crossroads by denying that he personally put up money for the group. But he acknowledged he is “helping to raise money for these groups” and “absolutely doing everything I can to raise money for them.” He did not comment on Obama's contention that he has “advised” the group.

Is anyone at Fox asking him whether he's involved in deciding which House races the group is going to spend the money he's been raising? Somehow I doubt it; he was discussing the buy on America's Newsroom this morning (and bragging about how much money the group had recently been raising) and it never came up:

It's almost like they don't care that their top political analyst is a GOP shill, isn't it?