Revolving Door: Scott Brown Reportedly Rejoining Fox News After Second Failed Senate Bid

Former U.S. Senator Scott Brown, who lost his comeback bid to New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen, is reportedly rejoining Fox News as a contributor. Fox's decision to rehire Brown comes after the network served as a launching pad for Brown's political return, and attempted to assist his failed New Hampshire campaign with fawning coverage.

The Boston Herald reported that Brown “is rejoining Fox News as a contributor” and “will make his first appearance Tuesday as the 'One Lucky Guy' on 'Outnumbered' (noon-1 p.m. weekdays), Fox News has confirmed.”

The network spent significant time boosting Brown's only successful Senate run (in Massachusetts' 2010 race) -- during one segment, Fox hosts even played with a Scott Brown action figure. Fox first hired Brown after he lost his 2012 reelection bid.

Brown then used his Fox employment to collect a paycheck ($136,538) and position himself for another run for office, this time in New Hampshire. His Fox commentary sounded like campaign stump speeches, and he touted his ties to the state, claiming he had “long and strong ties to New Hampshire, you know, going back generations.” Brown even credited his Fox employment for motivating him to run for office the third time, stating that “being on Fox ... really charged me up to get involved again.”

When Brown finally became an official candidate in 2014 and formally left the network, Fox News still tried its hardest to bring him to victory. It aired an anti-Obamacare documentary that was so flattering to Brown that the campaign repeatedly screened it for voters. Fox hosts also parroted Brown campaign talking points, attacking his opponent Shaheen as “a rubber stamp for Barack Obama.” One Fox host even got the talking points confused, praising Brown -- who was elected in 2010 -- as an independent who was “not a rubber stamp, an automatic rubber stamp for George Bush's policies.”

Fox News has had no problem rehiring Republican contributors who left the network but failed in their political bids. Recent examples include Liz Cheney, who dropped out of her Wyoming Senate primary run; Angela McGlowan, who lost a Mississippi congressional primary; and Pete Snyder, who was unsuccessful in his primary bid for Virginia lieutenant governor.

Democratic New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan is eligible for reelection in 2016 and may choose to run for the U.S. Senate, potentially setting up another round of Fox's ethically-challenged employment of Brown.