The Republican Presidential Candidates Who Have Fallen For Ed Klein's “Fan Fiction”

Marco Rubio's presidential campaign has been using discredited author Ed Klein's dubious reporting in order to raise money. Rubio joins fellow presidential candidates Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee as Republicans who previously cited Klein despite his history of, in the words of fellow journalists, “junk journalism,” “fan fiction,” “lazy, cut-and-paste recycling,” and “serious factual errors, truncated and distorted quotes.”

Author Ed Klein Has A Reputation For “Junk Journalism” That's “Devoid Of Credibility”

Klein's New Book Unlikeable Features Implausible Dialogue And A Fake Quote. Ed Klein recently released the book Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary. The book features supposedly insider accounts regarding Hillary Clinton and other powerful politicians. Like his other output, Unlikeable is undermined by dubious sourcing, sloppy research, and implausible dialogue. [Media Matters10/1/15]

Dozens Of Reporters -- Including Many Conservatives -- Have Said Klein Has No Credibility. Numerous reporters from a diverse range of outlets have called out Klein's reporting for a wide variety of problems. They have called Klein's work “junk journalism,” “devoid of credibility,” “suspect,” “fan fiction,” “lazy, cut-and-paste recycling,” “strewn with serious factual errors, truncated and distorted quotes,” “thoroughly discredited,” “smut,” “sordid,” “poorly written, poorly thought, poorly sourced,” and “bullshit.” [Media Matters9/23/15]       

Marco Rubio Campaign Uses Ed Klein's “Bombshell Report” To Raise Money

Rubio Spokesperson: “This Bombshell Report In A New Book About The Democrats' Secret Plan To Take Out Marco.” Marco Rubio for President communications director Alex Conant sent an October 14 email citing Klein as evidence that the Clintons are “so worried about Marco.”

This bombshell report in a new book about the Democrats' secret plan to take out Marco -- orchestrated by Bill Clinton himself -- was revealed earlier this morning and we may not have much time to prepare.

We're calling on every supporter to make an immediate contribution of $7 or more right now so we'll be ready to defend Marco from the Clintons' impending onslaught.

Why are the Clintons so worried about Marco? Here's the transcript from the interview on FOX News this morning:

ED KLEIN: [Bill Clinton] went down the entire list of the Republican candidates, and came to the conclusion that Marco Rubio would present Hillary with the greatest challenge, because of his age, generational change . . . he could be a very formidable challenger.

STEVE DOOCY: So, your source says Bill Clinton feels that Marco Rubio is the one they need to take out?

ED KLEIN: Exactly. Not my opinion -- it's Bill Clinton's opinion and I take Bill Clinton's opinion on those kinds of things. [Marco Rubio for President email, 10/14/15]

Terry Sullivan, Rubio's campaign manager, later that day forwarded the email to the Rubio list and wrote: “You've got to check this email out below...unbelievable. Help us fight Bill Clinton's lies. Click here to chip in.” [Marco Rubio for President email, 10/14/15]

Rubio's Website Features Video Of Klein Along With A Photoshopped Picture Of President Clinton Watching Rubio. Marco Rubio's campaign website stated in its news section that a “new report this morning suggests that Democrats' fears of Marco go straight to the top -- and that Democrats will do anything to avoid facing him in a general election.” The page features a video of Klein on Fox & Friends, along with a photoshopped picture of Clinton watching Rubio during a CNN debate (the original Clinton picture was actually him watching Hillary Clinton during the CNN debate). The Clinton picture features a supposed quote from Clinton about wanting to “destroy” Rubio. Rubio's website also has a separate donation page featuring Klein's alleged reporting and asking: “Donate $7 today and show Bill Clinton that he can't destroy Marco Rubio.”

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Donald Trump Blurbed Ed Klein's 2012 Book The Amateur

The Amateur Features A Blurb From Trump Stating It's “The Best Book I've Read On How Barack Obama Is Wrecking Our Country.” From an image posted on the book's page:

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Trump Repeatedly Promoted Klein's Book On Twitter. Trump wrote that The Amateur is a “Great book, excellent reading!” and has “Lots of insights.” [, 5/14/126/21/126/19/13]

Mike Huckabee Hosted Klein And Promoted His Work

Huckabee: "'The Amateur' By @Ed_Klein Is Now Out In Paperback." [, 6/11/13]

Huckabee To Klein In 2012: "You've Done The Country A Great Service." Klein appeared on Huckabee's June 2, 2012, Fox News program to promote The Amateur (Huckabee has since left the network to run for president). At the conclusion of the interview, Huckabee endorsed Klein by stating: “Well, you've done the country a great service by giving us insight that we've never had before. I know that our audience here in this studio is going to enjoy the book as will you. It's a very easy read in a sense that it's a great book for anybody to read.” [Fox News, Huckabee6/2/12]