REPORT: Fox Newsers rally for GOP in more than 300 instances and in every state

In recent years, at least twenty Fox News personalities have endorsed, raised money, or campaigned for Republican candidates or causes, or against Democratic candidates or causes, in more than 300 instances and in all 50 states.* Republican parties and officials have routinely touted these personalities' affiliations with Fox News to sell and promote their events.

Fred Barnes

Fred Barnes is a Fox News contributor and former host of The Beltway Boys. He has spoken at the following Republican fundraisers:

  • October 2009 fundraiser for Aaron Schock for Congress (IL). In an October 2, 2009, press release (retrieved from Nexis) promoting the event, the Illinois Republican Party noted Barnes' Fox News affiliation in the first line, writing: “FOX News contributor Fred Barnes will headline fundraising campaign kickoff events for Congressman Aaron Schock on October 12th with a luncheon event in Springfield and a dinner in Peoria.” When reportedly asked if it's appropriate “for a journalist to appear at a candidate's fundraiser,” Barnes replied: “I don't know ... I hadn't really given it much thought. I'm just going to ... talk about my view of the political landscape.”
  • March 2008 fundraiser for the Palm Beach County Republican Party (FL). The Martin County (FL) Republican Party listed Barnes as keynote speaker for the fundraiser in its January 2008 newsletter, writing: “Republican Party of Palm Beach County Lincoln Day Dinner-Fred Barnes, Keynote Speaker Executive Editor of The Weekly Standard; Co-host of FNC's Beltway Boys.”

Glenn Beck

During the October 14, 2009, edition of his radio program, Fox News host Glenn Beck hosted Rep. Michele Bachmann (MN) and asked her, “How can I help you raise money?” Bachmann replied by mentioning her campaign website. Beck replied, “We should have a fundraiser for you, Michele.” Bachmann replied that she “will take it.”

Eric Bolling

Eric Bolling is the co-host of Fox Business' Happy Hour and a frequent guest host on the Fox News Channel. He regularly uses his Fox Business program to endorse Republicans:

  • Beck-Palin ticket for president. On Happy Hour, Bolling has repeatedly pushed a 2012 presidential ticket consisting of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. Bolling has stated of his preferred ticket: “You think I'm kidding. I'm not kidding.”
  • “2012, put a Republican in there.” On the March 17 edition of Happy Hour, Bolling responded to a viewer question about how to “save” the country by stating: “2012, put a Republican in there. Turn it over in 2010.”
  • 2009 endorsements. Bolling endorsed Conservative Party congressional candidate Doug Hoffman (NY), gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie (R-NJ) and Mayor Mike Bloomberg (I-NY) on the November 2 edition (retrieved from Nexis) of Happy Hour, stating: “How about 'Street Meat' [the title of one of Bolling's segments]? 'Street Meat' endorsing Mr. Doug Hoffman, Mr. Christie and also Mr. Mayor Bloomberg -- the 'Street Meat' endorsements.” On election night, Bolling celebrated Christie and Gov. Bob McDonnell's (R-VA) victories.

John Bolton

John Bolton is a Fox News contributor who has fundraised and appeared at recent events for Republicans:

Tammy Bruce

Tammy Bruce is a Fox News contributor who resides in West Hollywood, CA. A donor named Tammy Bruce identified as a writer/broadcaster and listing West Hollywood addresses regularly donates to Republicans, according to Federal Election Commission (FEC) records. For instance:

Neil Cavuto

The Washington Post noted that Your World host and Fox Business Vice President Neil Cavuto “gave $1,000 to a fundraising dinner for President Bush in 2002." (The joint fundraising committee distributed the contribution to the National Republican Congressional Committee and National Republican Senatorial Committee.) A 2004 Washington Post article reported, "'I wish he hadn't,' said Fox News Vice President John Moody, who responded by circulating a policy Friday that discourages such contributions. 'I hope our people will follow the advice I've given to them voluntarily. The potential perception is that they favor one candidate over the other.' But he said he wouldn't ban the practice."

Monica Crowley

Fox News contributor Monica Crowley is scheduled to be the master of ceremonies for Iraq Veterans For Congress PAC's June fundraising dinner. Crowley's Fox News affiliation is touted in the invitation to the dinner. The event describes itself as a “fundraising dinner to support our platoon of conservative Republican veterans running for Congress in 2010. ... Sponsorships include entrance to the VIP cocktail hour and photo-op with speakers, master of ceremonies and IVC candidates.”

Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich has been a Fox News contributor since at least 1999 (according to a Nexis search); he regularly appears at Republican fundraisers and gatherings. For instance:


  • In February, Colorado State Treasurer candidate Ali Hasan announced Gingrich as a campaign adviser.
  • Before the 2009 mid-term election, Gingrich wrote on his Twitter: “If you know anyone who lives in new jersey make sure they vote for christie tomorrow.” Gingrich followed up by writing on November 3: “If you are in virginia new jersey new york 23 or the california special election remember to vote today Remind your friends in those four.”

American Solutions 527 and PAC. Gingrich is chairman of 527 organization American Solutions for Winning the Future. Based on the group's filings with the IRS, found that the American Solutions 527 has raised $14,494,782 in the 2010 election cycle. On, Gingrich writes that the group is a “unique tri-partisan organization designed to rise above traditional gridlocked partisanship, to provide real, significant solutions to the most important issues facing our country.” Gingrich also reportedly “recently started a PAC called American Solutions, but it was only functioning for a few days last year.” According to FEC filings, American Solutions PAC donated at least $1,000 to Scott Brown for Senate (MA). In December, Fox News devoted substantial coverage to Gingrich's “American Solutions Real Jobs Summit.”

Sean Hannity

Fox News host Sean Hannity regularly appears at fundraisers for Republicans and has donated to Republicans in the past:

On his syndicated radio program in November 2009, Hannity told New Jersey listeners to “get to the polls” and “stop Obama-care in its tracks.”

Mike Huckabee

Fox News host Mike Huckabee frequently endorses candidates through his political action committee, Huck PAC. The PAC states: “Huck PAC proudly remains committed to helping Republicans regain control of the U.S. House, U.S. Senate and a majority of governorships.” Huck PAC has raised at least $1 million for the 2009-2010 cycle.

In 2009, Huckabee repeatedly used Fox News to fundraise for his PAC on-air. On December 21, 2009, Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz reported that “Fox executives told Huckabee to stop plugging [his] Web site on the air after learning that it linked to his political action committee, which the network deemed a conflict of interest.”

According to a January 30 press release, Huck PAC supported the following candidates in 2009:

Bob McDonnell for Governor (Virginia)

Bill Bolling for Lt. Governor (Virginia)

Ken Cuccinelli for Attorney General (Virginia)

Marco Rubio for Senate (Florida)

Mike Haridopolos for State Senate (Florida)

David Rivera for State Representative (Florida)

Duncan Hunter for Congress (California)

David Harmer for Congress (California)

John Hoeven for Senate (North Dakota)

Trent Franks for Congress (Arizona)

Dick Kelsey for Congress (Kansas)

Tim Huelskamp for Congress (Kansas)

Cary McKay for Judge (Texas)

Weston Martinez for San Antonio City Council (Texas)

John Parke for State Representative (Arkansas)

Rick Crawford for Congress (Arkansas)

Matthew Shepard for State Representative (Arkansas)

Sam Graves for Congress (Missouri)

Bob Vander Plaats for Governor (Iowa)

Chuck Grassley for Senate (Iowa)

Bill Northey for Agriculture Secretary (Iowa)

Mike Pence for Congress (Indiana)

John Kasich for Governor (Ohio)

Alan Nunnelee for Congress (Mississippi)

Les Phillip for Congress (Alabama)

John Linder for Congress (Georgia)

Andre Bauer for Governor (South Carolina)

Rex Rice for Congress (South Carolina)

Steve Moss for State House (South Carolina)

Jim Tedisco for Congress (New York)

The FEC lists Huck PAC as donating to the following candidates during the 2009-2010 cycle (the FEC's list is updated through the fourth quarter of 2009):

  • Eric Alan Rick Crawford for Congress (AR) [$1,000]
  • Trent Franks for Congress (AZ) [$1,000]
  • David Harmer for Congress (CA) [$1,000]
  • Timothy Huelskamp for Congress (KS) [$2,000]
  • Richard Kelsey for Congress (KS) [$2,000]
  • John Linder for Congress (GA) [$1,000]
  • Patrick Alan Nunnelee for Congress (MS) [$1,000]
  • Les Phillip for Congress (AL) [$1,000]
  • Rex Rice for Congress (SC) [$2,000]
  • Marco Rubio for Senate (FL) [$4,500]
  • James Tedisco for Congress (NY) [$2,500]

Huckabee also made an independent expenditure on behalf of James Tedisco of New York (“phone solicitation”) in the amount of $1,155.

Huck PAC's 2010 first quarter FEC report lists additional contributions to:

  • Chuck Fleischmann for Congress (TN) [$2,000]
  • Eric Alan Rick Crawford for Congress (AR) [$1,000]
  • John Hoeven for Senate (ND) [$2,000]
  • Marco Rubio for Senate (FL) [$500]
  • Doug Matayo for Congress (AR) [$2,000]
  • Patrick Alan Nunnelee for Congress (MS) [$2,000]
  • Pat Meehan for Congress (PA) [$2,000]
  • Rex Rice for Congress (SC) [$2,000]
  • Andre Bauer for Governor (SC) [$1,000]
  • Sam Teasley for State House (GA) [$500]
  • Holly Turner for State House (TX) [$500]
  • John Parke for State House (AR) [$500]
  • Mike Cox for Governor (MI) [$2,000]
  • Scott Pruitt for Attorney General (OK) [$2,000]
  • Bob Vander Plaats for Governor (IA) [$1,000]
  • Wes Enos for State Senate (IA) [$500]

The FEC lists Huck PAC as donating to the following candidates during the 2007-2008 cycle after the announcement of Huckabee's signing with Fox News on June 12, 2008:

  • Lamar Alexander for Senate (TN) [$1,000]
  • Steve Chabot for Congress (OH) [$1,000]
  • Bob Clegg for Congress (NH) [$2,300]
  • John Culberson for Congress (TX) [$1,000]
  • Elizabeth Dole for Senate (NC) [$1,000]
  • Trent Franks for Congress (AZ) [$1,000]
  • Richard Goddard for Congress (GA) [$1,000]
  • Samuel Graves for Congress (MO) [$1,000]
  • Duncan D. Hunter for Congress (CA) [$1,000 and $703 in-kind contribution for “travel”]
  • James Inhofe for Senate (OK) [$1,000]
  • Michael Johanns for Senate (NE) [$1,000]
  • John Linder for Congress (GA) [$2,300]
  • Jay Love for Congress (AL) [$1,000]
  • Blaine Luetkemeyer for Congress (MO) [$1,000]
  • Wayne Parker for Congress (AL) [$1,000]
  • Luke Puckett for Congress (IN) [$1,000]
  • Paul Ryan for Congress (WI) [$1,000]
  • Jeff Sessions for Senate (AL) [$1,000]
  • Michael Sodrel for Congress (IN) [$1,000]
  • John Sununu for Senate (NH) [$1,000]
  • Don Young for Congress (AK) [$2,300]

Huckabee also made an independent expenditure on behalf of Saxby Chambliss of Georgia (“phone solicitation”) worth $5,000, and donated $2,300 to the Republican Party of Arkansas

As of April 20, Huckabee has released statements in support of the following candidates in 2010:

After the announcement of his signing with Fox News on June 12, 2008, Huckabee endorsed numerous candidates in 2008 including:

Fundraising/GOP appearances and support:

David Hunt

Fox News contributor David Hunt appeared at several April fundraisers for Jim Lee for Congress (SC); Lee is challenging Rep. Bob Inglis (R-SC) in the Republican primary. A Lee campaign press release touts Hunt's Fox News affiliation, writing: “Jim Lee is seeking to unseat six term incumbent, Congressman Bob Inglis in the upcoming congressional race in the Upstate of South Carolina and is getting some help from Fox News war and terrorism expert, Colonel David Hunt.” Jim Lee for Congress' website listed Hunt participating in the following events:

Michelle Malkin

Michelle Malkin is a Fox News contributor who has appeared at Republican fundraisers:

  • November 2009 fundraiser for Kris Kobach for Secretary of State (KS)
  • February 2009 fundraiser for the Collin County GOP (TX). A Collin County GOP press release mentions Malkin's Fox News affiliation.
  • February 2009 scheduled fundraiser for the Palm Beach County GOP (FL). The event was reportedly canceled -- the Palm Beach Post reported: “Palm Beach County Republican Party has scrubbed plans to have conservative columnist and blogger Michelle Malkin speak at the party's Feb. 21 Lincoln Day fund-raising dinner. Malkin's fee would have been $18,000, said county GOP Chairman Sid Dinerstein. He said the cancellation will end up costing the local party about $2,000. A representative of Malkin's booking agency didn't immediately respond to an e-mail requesting comment.”

KT McFarland

KT McFarland is a Fox News national security analyst and host of's DefCon 3. McFarland was a listed featured guest for a February fundraiser for the Santa Fe County (NM) Republican Party, which touted her Fox News affiliation:

Dick Morris

Dick Morris is a Fox News contributor who regularly endorses and fundraises for Republican candidates; Morris has also used his Fox News employment to urge viewers to contribute to or help campaigns that advocate on behalf of Republican causes or against Democratic candidates or causes.

Pro-Republican causes. Morris is the chief strategist and ad crafter for the conservative group League of American Voters, which opposed the Democrats' health care reform proposals. In a February 23 blog post, Morris listed 31 “Vulnerable Democratic Congressmen” who are “swing congressmen on health care” and wrote that the “League of American voters has produced ads targeting these swing Congressmen and we urge you STRONGLY to CLICK HERE to send them money to help fund these ads." Morris promoted his list and website in numerous instances on Fox.

The following is the LAV list that Morris posted on February 23 (Media Matters has obscured the full phone numbers of the members):


Harry Mitchell (Phoenix suburbs) Call (202) 225-XXXX!
Gabrielle Giffords (Tucson) Call (202) 225-XXXX!
Ann Kirkpatrick (most of rural Arizona, NE part of state) Call (202) 225-XXXX!


Jerry McNerney (Stockton and Pleasanton) Call (202) 225-XXXX!


John Salazar (Pueblo) Call 202-225-XXXX!


Jim Hines (Fairfield County) Call (202) 225-XXXX!


Alan Grayson (Orlando) Call (202) 225-XXXX!


Bill Foster (Dixon, Batavia, and Geneseo) Call (202) 225-XXXX!


Baron Hill (from Kentucky border up to Bloomington) Call (202) 225-XXXX!


Mark Schauer (Branch, Calhoun, Eaton, Hillsdale, Jackson, Lenawee & Washtenaw counties) Call (202) 225-XXXX!
Gary Peters (Oakland County) Call (202) 225-XXXX!


Dina Titus (Las Vegas) Call (202) 225-XXXX!

New Hampshire:

Carol Shea-Porter (Portsmouth, Manchester, Lakes Region) Call (202) 225-XXXX!

New York:

Tim Bishop (Suffolk County) Call (202) 225-XXXX!
John Hall (Northern Westchester) Call (202) 225-XXXX!
Bill Owens (Plattsburgh up along Vermont border to Canada) Call (202) 225-XXXX!
Mike Arcuri (Utica and south central NY) Call (202)225-XXXX!
Dan Maffei (Syracuse) Call (202) 225-XXXX!

North Dakota:

Earl Pomneroy (at large) Call (202) 225-XXXX!


Steven Driehaus (Cincinnati west to Indiana border) Call (202) 225-XXXX!
Mary Jo Kilroy (Columbus and west to Indiana border) Call (202) 225-XXXX!
Zach Space (Dover, Zanesville, Chillicothe) Call (202) 225-XXXX!


Kathy Dahlkemper (Erie) Call (202) 225-XXXX!
Patrick Murphy (Bucks County) Call (202) 225-XXXX!
Christopher Carney (NE Penn) Call (202) 225-XXXX!
Paul Kanjorski (Scranton, Wilkes-Barre) Call 202-225-XXXX!

South Carolina:

John Spratt (rural SC between Columbia and Charlotte) Call (202) 225-XXXX!


Tom Perriello (Charlottesville, Bedford, Timberlake, Martinsville & Danville) Call (202) 225-XXXX!

West Virginia:

Alan Mollohan (Wheeling, Morgantown) Call (202) 225-XXXX!
Nick Rahall (Huntington) Call (202) 225-XXXX!


Steve Kagen (Green Bay) Call (202) 225-XXXX!

In a September 2009 post, Morris also asked readers to pressure senators in several “key swing states,” including South Dakota, to vote against “Obamacare.”

In a November 24, 2009, post, Morris wrote that “with the funds you have donated, we ran television advertisments and an Internet campaign aimed at young people focused in Arkansas, North Dakota and Maine. The results are incredible! Now under-30 voters are the strongest opponents of the plan.” On November 19, Morris wrote: “The League has run ads in Indiana, North Dakota, Nebraska, Louisiana, North Carolina, Virginia, Maine, Montana, Colorado, Florida and Connecticut to push swing senators to oppose the bill.”

As Media Matters documented, Morris also repeatedly used Fox News appearances to promote and raise money for the National Republican Trust PAC without disclosing that the organization paid $24,000 to a company apparently connected to Morris, according to FEC filings. Morris helped the PAC by promoting the group's efforts to help Sen. Saxby Chambliss (GA) and to run ads about Jeremiah Wright and then-candidate Obama in “Key Swing States.”

Fundraising/GOP appearances:

  • Scheduled June fundraiser for the Alabama Republican Party. A press release for the event touts Morris' Fox News affiliation; the headline reads: “Fox News Contributor and Political Consultant Dick Morris to Headline ALGOP's 2010 Reagan Dinner.” The press release text states: “The Alabama Republican Party announces today that Fox News commentator Dick Morris will be the featured speaker for the 2010 Reagan Dinner.”
  • Scheduled April event for the Cumberland County Republican Committee (PA). The committee touts Morris' Fox News affiliation on its website:

  • December 2008 fundraiser for the Republican Party of Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania GOP noted Morris' Fox News affiliation, writing: “Republican Party of Pennsylvania Chairman Rob Gleason is pleased to announce that famed-political consultant and Fox News contributor Dick Morris will be the keynote speaker at our Party's annual Commonwealth Club Luncheon.”
  • September 2008 fundraiser for Mark Zaccaria for Congress (RI). Zaccaria used Morris' Fox News affiliation in a fundraising invitation:

Campaign activities/endorsements/donations. According to The Boston Globe, Morris served as a consultant for Christy Mihos for Governor (MA); the campaign reportedly “brought Morris to Massachusetts for events and featured his involvement prominently on its website.” The Globe reported that Mihos “paid Morris $20,000 a month for four months last year [2009], state campaign finance records show.” On March 15 on Fox Business, Morris endorsed Rand Paul for U.S. Senate (KY). On March 29, during Hannity, Morris endorsed and campaigned for Edward Lynch for Congress (FL). On his website, Stephen Broden for Congress (TX) lists an endorsement from “Dick Morris, National Political Strategist, Fox News Contributor and author.” Morris has donated $1,000 to Edward Lynch for Congress (FL) and $1,000 to Sam Caligiuri for Senate (CT).

Andrew Napolitano

Andrew Napolitano is a Fox News senior judicial analyst and co-host of Fox News Radio's Brian & The Judge. He has endorsed and raised funds for Republicans:

  • During the April 13 edition of his Fox News Radio program, Napolitano told Senate candidate Pat Toomey (R-PA) that he wants him “to win,” and added that if Toomey did it would be “a very sweet victory.”
  • February fundraiser for the Acadiana Republican Women (LA). A flier for the event touted Napolitano's Fox News affiliation:

  • August 2009 fundraiser for Rep. Ron Paul (TX). Paul touted Napolitano's “regular appearances on Fox News Channel” in urging people to join him at the fundraising event.

Oliver North

Retired Lt. Col. Oliver North has been the host of the Fox News program War Stories since 2001.

Fundraising/GOP appearances:

  • October 2008 fundraising dinner for the Fulton County (Georgia) Republican Party. North's Fox News affiliation was noted in a press release announcing his appearance.
  • The Sun News of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, reported on January 10, 2008 (retrieved from Nexis) that North spoke “at a Republican fundraising dinner in Myrtle Beach. ... North said he was asked at the last minute to fill in for scheduled speaker conservative talk show host Sean Hannity, who canceled due to a family emergency.”
  • October 2007 fundraiser for then-VA state Senate candidate Ralph Smith. The Roanoke Times reported (retrieved from Nexis) on October 24, 2007, that North flew “into Roanoke for an afternoon rally in Christiansburg and an evening fundraising event in Roanoke County's Hunting Hills subdivision for Smith, a Republican who's running for the Virginia Senate.”


  • October 2002: $500 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee
  • October 2002: $500 to Friends of Jay Katzen 2002, a VA congressional candidate
  • October 2002: $500 to the Georgia Republican Party
  • May 2002: $500 to Bill Salier U.S. Senate Committee (IA)

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin joined Fox News on January 11 as a contributor and host of Real American Stories. During her time at Fox, she has frequently endorsed Republicans and opposed Democrats.

House members targeted. In a March Facebook post, Palin put crosshairs on the locations of 20 House Democrats who voted for health care reform and implored her followers to defeat the 17 members who are facing reelection.

Recent endorsements:

  • Rand Paul for Senate (KY). The Paul campaign touts Palin's endorsement on his website, writing: “Sarah Palin took to the airwaves Sunday on Fox News Channel in support of Rand Paul's U.S. Senate campaign.”

Fundraising/GOP appearances:

  • April appearance at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference
  • March rallies for Sen. John McCain (AZ)
  • February fundraiser for the Republican Party of Arkansas

Palin's Sarah PAC has raised at least $2.5 million for the current 2009-2010 election cycle. During the first quarter of 2010, Sarah PAC contributed $2,500 to Wisconsin House candidate Sean Duffy; $2,000 to Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul; and $1,000 each to Allen West for Congress, Adam Kinzinger for Congress, Vaughn Ward for Congress, Iraq Veterans for Congress and Combat Veterans for Congress. Iraq Veterans for Congress PAC describes itself as a “federally registered political action committee supporting the congressional campaigns of conservative Republican Iraq Veterans.” Combat Veterans for Congress describes itself as “dedicated to supporting the election of fiscally conservative Combat Veterans to Congress”; as of April 20, all of its endorsed candidates are Republicans.

Dana Perino

Dana Perino joined Fox News as a contributor in May 2009. Since then, Perino has participated in Republican events:

  • February fundraiser for the Bay Area Republican Women (TX). The party wrote in its January newsletter: “Our Keynote Speaker is Dana Perino, former White House Press Secretary for George W. Bush and a FoxNews contributor. She is dynamite and we expect a full house.” Perino's Fox News affiliation was also touted in an invitation to the event.
  • February fundraiser for the Pueblo County Republican Party (CO).
  • September 2009 event for the Republican Party of Pennsylvania.

Karl Rove

Karl Rove is a Fox News contributor who regularly helps Republican Party candidates and organizations.

Fundraising/GOP appearances:

In 2009, a donor named Karl Rove with Austin, Texas, and Washington, D.C., addresses contributed to the campaigns of Roy Blunt for Congress (MO) [$1,000], Marco Rubio for Senate (FL) [$1,000], Gilbert Baker for Senate (AR) [$2,400], and Pat Toomey for Senate (PA) [$1,000]. In 2008, after signing on with Fox in February, Rove donated to the campaigns of Roger Wicker for Senate (MS) [$2,300], Kim Schmett for Congress (IA) [$2,000], John McCain for President [$2,300], and Norm Coleman's Senate and recount fund (MN) [$2,000].

The National Journal reported on March 31 that Rove has been “pitching” the political organization American Crossroads, which reportedly plans to spend more than $60 million helping GOP incumbents and challengers during the 2010 cycle.

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum has been a Fox News contributor since April 2007.

Santorum's PAC. Santorum's PAC America's Foundation has raised at least $1,500,000 for the current 2009-2010 election cycle. According to its website, America's Foundation has “made contributions to the following candidates in the 2009/2010 cycle” (a link to the amount, when available with FEC data, is included):

Kelly Ayotte for Senate (NH) [$1,000]

Gresham Barrett for Governor (SC) [$3,500]

Congressman Roy Blunt (MO) [$2,000 total]

Scott Brown for Senate (MA) [$5,000]

Senator Richard Burr (NC) [$1,000]

Chris Christie for Govenor (NJ)

Tom Corbett for Governor (PA)

Congressman Charlie Dent (PA-15) [$1,000]

Keith Fimian for Congress (VA-11) [$1,000]

Senator Jim DeMint (SC) [$1,000]

Trey Grayson for Senate (KY) [$1,000]

Doug Hoffman for Congress (NY-23) [$1,000]

John Kasich for Governor (OH) [$1,000]

Mark Kirk for Senate (IL) [$1,000]

Bob McDonnell for Governor (VA)

Congressman Patrick McHenry (NC-10) [$1,000]

Pat Meehan for Congress (PA-7) [$3,000 total]

Jane Norton for Senate (CO) [$1,000]

Rob Portman for Senate (OH) [$2,000 total]

Congressman Bill Shuster (PA-9) [$1,000]

Todd Tiahrt for Senate (KS) [$1,000]

Pat Toomey for Senate (PA) [$2,000 total]

Senator David Vitter (LA) [$1,000]

Zach Wamp for Governor (TN)

Congressman Joe Wilson (SC-2) [$1,000]

America's Foundation also gave $1,000 to the Republican Party of Iowa.

America's Foundation's 2010 first quarter FEC report also lists contributions to:

  • Lou Barletta for Congress (PA-11) [$1,000]
  • Tim Burns for Congress (PA-12) [$2,000]
  • Dan Coats for Senate (IN) [$1,000]
  • Elizabeth Emken for Congress (CA-11) [$1,000]
  • Carly Fiorina for Senate (CA) [$1,000]
  • Mike Fitzpatrick for Congress (PA-8) [$1,000]
  • Chuck Grassley for Senate (IA) [$1,000]
  • Tom Marino for Congress (PA-10) [$1,000]
  • Mick Mulvaney for Congress (SC-5) [$1,000]

Following the start of Santorum's contributor status with Fox in April 2007, his PAC gave contributions to the following GOP causes in late 2007 and 2008:

  • Lou Barletta for Congress (PA) [$5,000]
  • Saxby Chambliss for Senate (GA) [$5,000]
  • Norm Coleman for Senate (MN) [$2,500]
  • John Cornyn for Senate (TX) [$5,000]
  • Charles Dent for Congress (PA-15) [$3,500]
  • Elizabeth Dole for Senate (NC) [$5,000]
  • Philip English for Congress (PA-3) [$2,500]
  • Keith Fimian for Congress (VA) [$2,500]
  • Melissa Hart for Congress (PA-4) [$2,500]
  • Tom Manion for Congress (PA-8) [$5,000]
  • John McCain Victory Committee [$2,500]
  • Republican Federal Committee of Pennsylvania [$1,000]
  • Bob Schaffer for Senate (CO) [$2,500]
  • Bill Shuster for Congress (PA-9) [$2,500]
  • John Sununu for Senate (NH) [$2,500]
  • Craig Williams for Congress (PA-7) [$2,500]

A March 29 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article reported that Santorum has “made or planned trips to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina this year to speak to Republican groups or stump for candidates -- all key early presidential primary states. But [Santorum spokeswoman Virginia] Davis said the PAC has sponsored or will fund trips by Mr. Santorum to Kansas, Nebraska, New York, Louisiana, Florida and Michigan, as well.” Santorum has also encouraged people “to contribute and volunteer” for Tim Burns for Congress (PA) and Charles Djou for Congress (HI).

Fundraising/GOP appearances:

  • Scheduled April fundraiser for the Cheshire County Republican Party (NH).
  • April fundraiser for the Republican National Committee.
  • April appearance at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference.
  • March fundraiser for Tony Fulton for State Treasurer (NE). Fulton touts the endorsement of “FoxNews commentator & former US Senator Rick Santorum” on his website.
  • March event for the Pottawattamie County GOP (IA).
  • December 2009 campaign stops for Gresham Barrett for Governor (SC). Santorum also filmed an endorsement for Barrett.
  • November 2009 fundraising letter for Tom Corbett for Governor (PA).
  • April 2009 Republican National Lawyers Association conference.
  • February 2009 fundraiser for the Nebraska Republican Party.

Fox News staffers

  • In 2006, Fox News assistant producer Ann Stewart Banker gave $5,000 to former Sen. Bill Frist's (TN) Volunteer PAC. Banker has reportedly served as a producer for Bill O'Reilly.
  • The Washington Post noted in 2004 that a “Fox producer for Oliver North, Griffin Jenkins, gave $2,000 to the Bush-Cheney reelection committee." Jenkins now serves as a “reporter” for Fox News.
  • Bert Solivan, who previously served as the senior vice president of digital media for, gave a total of $480 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee in 2003.

*UPDATE (August 19): This report previously noted instances of Fox Newsers doing state-specific advocacy in all states except for Wyoming. Following the publication of this report, Fox News' Palin endorsed Rita Meyer in her unsuccessful bid for Wyoming governor. Media Matters has thus updated this report to reflect that Fox Newsers have done state-specific GOP advocacy in all 50 states.