Potential Trump Press Secretary: Press Briefings Don't Have To Be Daily Or On Camera

Sean Spicer: “I Don't Know” If White House Press Briefings “Need To Be Daily. I Don't Know That They All Need To Be On Camera”

From the December 15 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): You know there was a discussion with Reince Priebus on Hugh Hewitt's show, about how the relationship with the media would change, and whether there would be daily White House press briefings. I don’t think the viewer care about who sits where in the White House press briefing room but would you advocate for daily presidential or White House press briefings for the White House press corps? 

SEAN SPICER: I think we have to look at everything. I don't know that they need to be daily. I don't know that they all need to be on camera. I think that's a view shared by a lot of former White House press secretaries, a view by of some of the media, in fact, that the White House press briefings have become somewhat of a spectacle. So maybe there's a more effective way of delivering the news and having a more, you know, appropriate, adult conversation with the media to inform them of the president's actions as opposed to an on-camera activity. But it's not a yes or a no. I think what you've seen with Donald Trump is real change. He's not going to settle for the status quo and business as usual is over --

KELLY: But is he going to bounce reporters out whose reporting he doesn't like? Is he going to ban access like he did in the campaign?  

SPICER: No, absolutely not. Absolutely not. He has a healthy belief in the first amendment and the understanding of the role of the free press

KELLY: If it's so healthy why did he ban them during the campaign? 

SPICER: Because there's a difference -- He understands the role of president and the role of the White House. That's a vastly different view than being at a campaign rally that's paid for by the campaign, funded by him, by his own dollars at a private venue. He has the right to control access to that. 


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