Fox host on the Paul Pelosi attack: “Doesn't add up”

Pete Hegseth: “Doesn't add up. Something, something doesn't make sense.”

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Citation From the October 30th, 2022, edition of Fox News' Fox and Friends Sunday

PETE HEGESTH (CO-HOST): There's a lot more questions.

RACHEL CAMPOS DUFFY (CO-HOST): There's a lot of questions.

PETE HEGSETH: We don't know all the information. Obviously hope Paul Pelosi is okay. That's the bottom line of the whole thing. But there's, doesn't add up. Something, something doesn't make sense.

RACHEL CAMPOS DUFFY: It'll take a while to figure it out. You saw that with the DUI he had. It takes a while because of who they are for all the information to trickle out. But of course we hope they're doing, you know that he is doing well. And our prayers are with the family but you know, crime is a problem in this country and it doesn't discriminate sometimes.