OutKick's Riley Gaines: Dawn Staley is “entirely incompetent or a sellout”

Fox Corp.'s OutKick host on Dawn Staley voicing support for trans athletes: “She didn't have the courage to stand with women”

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Citation From the April 8, 2024, edition of Fox News' Fox & Friends

BRIAN KILMEADE (CO-HOST): Riley, Dawn Staley the point guard, do you think that she'd want to play against men? Does she really believe what she's saying, it's OK for a transgender athlete to play against her women?

RILEY GAINES (OUTKICK HOST): Of course I don't think she believes this. And look, I love and respect Dawn Staley, two championships in three years -- in three years at South Carolina she's won two championships, I think her record is 109-3, that's unprecedented. So clearly she is great at what she does, and she has developed many incredible athletes whom I admire, but she is either proving herself, to your point, to be entirely incompetent or a sellout. And personally, I don't think she believes what she said. If you watch the video her silence, the hesitation and that drink of water, I think it spoke volumes. I think she knew she had to be politically correct and I know about as good as anyone that pressure exists and it's real. But the bottom line is she knows perfectly well that men's basketball it's a totally different sport than women's basketball, that's obvious by the speed of the game, the size of the ball, the sheer amount of layups in women's basketball compared to dunks when a player gets a fast break in men's basketball, the distance of the three-point line, the list goes on. So what I think this boils down to is, she didn't have the courage to stand with women. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for her, and she blew it. And truthfully my guess is she is OK with it until her team is defeated by one or more men playing on the opposite team.