One Year After Charleston Massacre At Historic Black Church, Fox's Howard Kurtz Says The Attack “Clearly Was Targeted At Christians”

Alleged Gunman Confessed His Attack Was Motivated By Race

From the June 19 edition of Fox News' MediaBuzz:

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GUY BENSON: These are gay people targeted because the of who they are. They were out carousing with friends, celebrating in what they thought was dancing in a safe area in a culture that not always been super accepting of gay people and that's changing which is a good thing and they were having drinks, having fun and this person based on and rooted in an ideology and his form of religion he decided that his anger and hatred and bigotry towards that group of Americans was going to result in their deaths, and he executed 49 fellow gay people, not all of them were gay necessarily but it is stomach-turning. 

HOWARD KURTZ (HOST): And that's true even if the killer turns out to have been gay or lately gay or hanging out at the gay bar, or whatever. But what do you make of media coverage and commentary that plays down the fact that 49 mostly gay people were killed, that it's not a hate crime, as opposed the shooting at the Charleston church, which clearly was targeted at Christians?

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