As Obama eulogizes a civil rights hero, Fox News covers the “finding” of “Noah's Ark”

Earlier this week, numerous conservative blogs and websites were promoting a story about a team of evangelical researchers who supposedly “found” Noah's Ark in Turkey. The story is quite obviously a hoax, and when it made the jump to, they were ridiculed for promoting it in their "Science" section.

This morning, Fox News decided that this ridiculous “story” merited some on-air coverage, and America's Newsroom devoted several minutes to “Noah's Ark.” This wouldn't be so notable if it came on a morning during which nothing else of note was going on, but Fox News ran this segment while President Obama eulogized civil rights legend Dorothy Height. Fox noted that the eulogy would be streaming on, but they chose to devote their TV airwaves to this:

As we've noted in the past, Fox will use any excuse not to cover various Obama speeches. Couldn't this “story” have been postponed to cover a presidential eulogy of a civil rights legend?

Also of note, Fox News clearly thought they had found an archeologist who would lend credence to the idea that this may actually be Noah's Ark -- host Martha MacCallum introduced Eric Cline from George Washington University by saying that “you say that there's a pretty good chance that this is it.” Unfortunately for Fox, as evidenced in the video above, Cline shot numerous holes in the “finding” and labeled it as possible “pseudo-science” or a “hoax.”

But this bears repeating: Fox News skipped live coverage of the President of the United States giving a eulogy for a civil rights legend to cover a hoax discovery of Noah's Ark.

They also ran one other short story instead of covering the eulogy: