New York Post's Sexist Clinton Cover Gets Fox Host Chris Wallace's Approval

The New York Post reacted to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's January 23 congressional testimony with a front page photograph of a supposedly angry Clinton and the headline, “NO WONDER BILL'S AFRAID.” The tabloid quickly drew criticism, with writers calling the cover “blatantly sexist,” and “offensive sexist garbage.” The Post however found a fan with fellow News Corp. employee and Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace.

Speaking on Allman in the Morning, Wallace expressed amusement at the cover, telling host Jamie Allman: “Let me tell you -- you probably haven't seen it, the front page, the big front page of The New York Post today is a picture of her looking, screaming during her answer, and the headline is, 'No Wonder Bill's Afraid.'” A laughing Allman replied: “I don't know, that's not very nice.” Wallace responded: “Well no, but it's funny” and “nice can be overrated sometimes.”

Listen to Wallace's comments from the January 24 edition of KFTK's Allman in the Morning:

The Post is one of several conservative outlets and figures to push sexist attacks in response to Clinton and the Benghazi attacks. In his January 24 Washington Times column, Wesley Pruden similarly tied Clinton's supposedly “angry and combative” testimony to discredited rumors about her alleged interactions with President Clinton in the White House.

Media outlets including Fox News have a long history of sexism toward Hillary Clinton.