New Fox News FBI text pseudo-scandal falls apart on Outnumbered 

Marie Harf: "I'm just saying we cannot make the leap from that text message that Barack Obama was getting briefed on the Clinton investigation... from national security perspective, he had every right to be briefed about the Russia investigatio

From the February 7 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): And so now we know that also some texts blasting the election of Donald Trump, those two. And in one November 2016 message, Lisa Page texted ominously about quote “our task ahead of us.” President Trump today tweeted that the new FBI texts are bombshells. Are they, Charlie?

CHARLES HURT: Oh yes, definitely. I mean, aside from the fact --

FAULKNER: Not to put you on the spot with the president.

HURT: And by the way, as a Virginian, I apparently --

LISA BOOTHE (CO-HOST): Hey, I'm a Virginian too.

FAULKNER: I got family there. I love a hillbilly.

HURT: Yeah, so as an ignorant hillbilly, I find these things to be absolutely astonishing. But, I mean, aside from the fact that they read like some sort of -- some Spanish novella soap opera that is just unbelievable that people are actually talking like this. Saying all this stuff. It is terrifying. And it does go to the -- and people who are talking about it, they're not attacking the law enforcement, the FBI, they care about the FBI, they care about this institution, they care about constitutional rights. And the idea that you would have -- that one email about the president, involving the president, the president has clearly stated, he told Chris Wallace in no uncertain terms that he does not get involved in particular cases. And for him to -- that email raises serious questions that President Obama should have to answer. 


MARIE HARF (CO-HOST): So I think there's a timing issue here. That text message was sent in September, the Clinton investigation was actually closed in July. And -- 

HURT: But it doesn't --

HARF: Wait, wait, let me finish Charlie, let me finish. And three days after that text message was sent President Obama was meeting with [Russian] President [Vladimir] Putin in China so it is as likely that they were talking about the Russia investigation and not about the Clinton investigation. There's nothing to indicate it with the Clinton matter and there's a lot of evidence --

FAULKNER: That might be a leap too far. I mean the president was offering to reset things when he got back in office. We don't know what they were talking about with regard to Putin and Obama.

HARF: But that text message was talking about something they were working on --

HURT: But either way, the president lied to Chris Wallace --

HARF: That is absolutely not true. The Clinton investigation closed in July, this text message was sent three weeks later.


HARF: I'm just saying we cannot make the leap from that text message that Barack Obama was getting briefed on the Clinton investigation. He had every -- from a national security perspective, he had every right to be briefed about the Russia investigation. In fact, he was raising it with Putin three days later. 


HURT: But either way he did lie to Chris Wallace in his interview. 

HARF: That's a really strong accusation of say a president lied with no evidence, Charlie. I like ya, man, but I don't think we can go there. 


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