Morris' Fox solicitations pay off -- “raised $200,000 in the past three days” for anti-Dem ads

In a February 26 email to subscribers for, Fox News “political analyst” Dick Morris writes that the League of American Voters has “raised $200,000 in the past three days” to run ads in the districts of “marginal Democrats who voted for healthcare last time”:

1. Go to and see a list of marginal Democrats who voted for healthcare last time. The list includes their local and Washington office phone numbers. Pick up the phone and call them. Even if you don't live in the district, call them. If you live in the same state, tell them. If not, call them anyway. Call your friends or family that might live in their states or even their districts (the list on our web site says where their district is located) and ask them to call the Congressmen. Keep those lines busy all weekend!

2. Please give the League of American Voters funds immediately to run ads in each of these districts. They have created a very effective ad for each of these marginal members and will run it in their districts if you give us the funding. They have raised $200,000 in the past three days but need more to blanket these swing districts.

CLICK HERE to donate.

CLICK HERE to see a sample ad.

Even if you have already given the League money, do it again. Your donations have brought us to the edge of victory on health care and if you give again we can put it to a final end.

Remember what is at stake! If Obama loses this fight, his entire momentum will be crippled.

In the past several days, Morris has repeatedly urged Fox News viewers to visit his website for information on how to oppose health care reform. Morris' website contains numerous fund solicitations for the League of American Voters, a conservative group which employs Morris as a chief strategist.


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