Mike Huckabee suggests Republicans order Capitol police to conduct a raid on the FBI

From the April 12 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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BILL HEMMER (ANCHOR): Jim Jordan reacting to two lawmakers​ now​ given access​ to the FBI memo that started the entire Russia matter. ​House intel committee chair Devin ​Nunes​ [(R-CA)], Congressman Trey ​Gowdy [(R-SC])​ both​ view​ing​ the document one day after ​N​unes threatened to take legal action against​ top department​ officials.


HEMMER: What's taken so long and what do you think that access is going the afford them now, do you believe?

MIKE HUCKABEE: Well, 14 months is a ridiculous amount of time for Congress to get what it has a constitutional right to see. And every member on that committee has the highest level of security clearance. This nonsense that “well we have to redact it, we can't let you see it” -- Bill, that's utter nonsense. Maybe they should have gotten the Capitol police to go over to the FBI and conducted the same kind of raid on the FBI that the FBI went and conducted on Michael Cohen, the president's private attorney. This is absurd. And it really does point to a constitutional crisis. I keep hearing that term. But when you have a federal agency that will not respond to the duly elected members of Congress and cough up documents they're entitled to see, that is a constitutional crisis.


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