Megyn Kelly's Response To The Louisiana Theater Shooting Was To Speculate About An ISIS Connection

Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly responded to breaking news of a deadly shooting at a Louisiana movie theater by baselessly asking about possible connections to ISIS or radical Islam.

On the evening of July 23, a gunman opened fire in a Lafayette, Louisiana movie theater, killing three people including himself and injuring nine others. Responding to the breaking news on-air during The Kelly File, Kelly initially noted the similarities between the attack and the 2012 Aurora, CO theater shooting, which left 12 people dead. However, when interviewing Lafayette Police Sgt. Kyle Suarez about developing information on the shooting, Kelly devoted a question to the possibility of a connection to ISIS, asking, “Any reason to believe there might be a connection to ISIS, or radical Islam, or terror as we understand it in this country?”:

Apart from Kelly's baseless speculation, initial reports described an “older white man” as the shooter. Authorities have since announced that the shooter was a man from Alabama described by Lafayette Police Chief Jim Craft as “kind of a drifter.”