Megyn Kelly Says NY Attorney General’s Inquiry Into Trump Foundation Should Wait Until After Election

Kelly: “Couldn’t He Have And Shouldn’t He Have Waited Until November Ninth?”

From the September 14 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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KRYSTAL BALL: I think it matters greatly whether Mr. Trump's words match his deeds and, based on the reporting here, they certainly don't. There is obviously an answer here, if he would just release his tax returns we could all know exactly how much he has given charitably. But look, we know very little about Mr. Trump. He doesn't have a record of public service. He won't release those tax returns. We know very little about his financial dealings. So all of this reporting into what is actually going on with the foundation, what kind of charitable donations has he given and to whom, is incredibly important information for voters to be able to take into the voting booth. 

MEGYN KELLY (HOST): What if he hasn't given any? Why should we care? 

BALL: We should care because he said that he has. And also you would think that someone who is as wealthy as he is, who talks about how wealthy he is and how great he has been for people -- you would think he would have some inclination to give back to this great country and the people in it that have done so much to buoy him. 

KELLY: Alright, David. What about Eric Schneiderman? This is making a bunch of headlines, that the New York attorney general is now looking into the Trump Foundation, this family charity, to see whether any funny business is afoot. Is this a political hit job? 

DAVID WOHL: Well, Schneiderman not only supports Hillary Clinton, he’s formally endorsed Hillary Clinton and he’s been named by her to her campaign's leadership council. Are you kidding me, Megyn? He’s a politician, not a prosecutor. When she’s down for an eight-count, he says, “Ooh, what can I do politically to try to salvage her campaign,” and he jumps in with something like this. It’s absolutely outrageous, especially in light of the fact that when the Clinton Foundation scandal came around with respect to issues of foreign donations, she had to disclose those hundreds of millions of dollars of foreign donations. She failed to do so. And what did Schneiderman do? Crickets.

KELLY: He wasn't as interested. 

WOHL: And what did Schneiderman do? Crickets.

KELLY: I’ve got to go, but I have to get Krystal in on this. Quickly, Krystal, question for you: Couldn't he have waited? If this is not political, couldn't he have waited and shouldn't he have waited until November ninth? 

BALL: No, because voters need this information. I mean, the sooner the better. They should know as much as they can about this man. Before they --

KELLY: Well David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post is giving it to them.

BALL: If we can get more from an independent investigation from the New York attorney general, why wouldn't we want to know about that?


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