Megyn Kelly Pushes False Claim That Clinton Emails Revealed Names Of Undercover Operatives

Fox News host Megyn Kelly falsely claimed that emails from Hillary Clinton's server contained “actual spy intelligence, information, identification, sources, methods, and people in these documents.” In fact, NBC News reported that “contrary to some published reports, three officials said there was no email on Clinton's server that directly revealed the identity of an undercover intelligence operative.” From the February 5 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): If Hillary gets indicted, we're not going to be saying, you promised us that this wasn't going to happen. You said you were confident. We're going to say she's indicted.

ALAN COLMES: And she won't win if she's indicted.

EBONI WILLIAMS: She can't run from jail, Alan?


KELLY: This Inspector General is not a political guy. This is a Barack Obama appointee. And she had highly secret classified documents on this server.

COLMES: Classified after the fact like they've done in every other case. At the time. In fact the State Department said at the time it was sent or received --

KELLY: No, that has not been proven. That's not true! That has not been proven.

COLMES: The State Department issued a statement saying that at the time they were sent or received they were not classified.

KELLY: That is not consistent with Catherine Herridge's reporting.

COLMES: But that's what the State Department came out with a statement and said.

KELLY: They're spinning. She's reporting.


KELLY: And the sources who have seen these are saying that there was actual spy intelligence, information, identification, sources, methods and people in these documents. You would know that upon sight.


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