Megyn Kelly Finds A Way To Tie Iran Nuclear Deal To Benghazi

Kelly: “It’s Another Instance Of Them Directly Misleading Us”

From the May 9 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): Developing tonight, the White House adviser behind the bogus Benghazi talking points, remember that? Finds himself at the center of a new explosive controversy. And he finds himself on defense. Ben Rhodes is the man that has helped to co-write every single one of the president's major foreign policy speeches, and he was on the hot seat this weekend, after admitting to the New York Times Magazine that the narrative sold to the American public on the Iranian nuke deal was done with the help of so-called experts who simply echoed White House talking points. And the Iran deal was not his first offense. James Rosen, our chief Washington correspondent is with us now. So James, what exactly. and Ben Rhodes is speaking out against this now, but what exactly is it that he did that's gotten him in trouble?

JAMES ROSEN: Ok, so this past weekend the New York Times Magazine ran a 10,000 word profile of Ben Rhodes, the Deputy White House National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications written by a respected reporter, this profile, David Samuels. And in it, Ben Rhodes is quoted throughout expressing pretty fairly even discernible contempt for the White House press corps for the foreign policy establishment, which he calls the blob, which he includes Hillary Clinton and Bob Gates and so forth. And the article makes the following accusation, that Rhodes and the Obama Administration pointed to the election of a new president in Iran, Hassan Rouhani in 2013, as the reason we have got to do a nuclear deal with Iran, because now we've got a moderate government in there. And the article shows very clearly that in fact the Obama administration had begun its secret talks with Iran well before that election with Iran back in 2012. Ben Rhodes, as you know is defending himself today in a very short piece on, in essence saying we believed everything we said, it may have been spin, but it wasn't lies, but I have to tell you having read all of this very closely even Ben Rhodes' defense of himself contained some untrue statements. Megyn?


KELLY: So Ben Rhodes finds himself on defense and it was an extraordinary piece in New York Times Magazine, because John Podhoretz, of the New York Post, wrote what was so devastating about it is that the writer didn't cut out Ben Rhodes' knees, he didn't seem to hate Ben Rhodes, so the stuff about his admissions was just devastating, because it didn't look like the writer had an agenda. You saw the Ben Rhodes' name, back when you were investigating, or when you were on the forefront of the investigation on the Benghazi talking points, which the White House had told us over and over and over again that they never touched before Susan Rice went out on the five Sunday shows and said no, no this is about a video. It turns out they did touch it and why don't you tell the audience who was the one who authored those infamous talking points.

STEPHEN HAYES: Well yeah, there were basically two sets of White House talking points and Ben Rhodes authored one of the key sets of White House talking points that blamed the attacks on a video. I mean, it was basically made up from beginning to end. Ben Rhodes played a key part in those talking points. He also played a key part in the original set of talking points that originated from the State Department and CIA from the intelligence community, and were massaged by the state department or other parts of the administration.

KELLY: It’s another instance of them directly misleading us. They’re on camera saying that they had nothing to do with those talking points, meanwhile Ben Rhodes wrote the memo.


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