Megyn Kelly Defends Police Shown Punching Unarmed Woman In The Head: “You Can't Resist Arrest”

Kelly: “In Defense Of The Police, On This One Slice Of It, Once They Try To Place You Under Arrest, You Have To Submit”

From the October 6 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

Video file

MEGYN KELLY: So Mark, why don't you tell the people what she did that was so upsetting to the officers?

MARK EIGLARSH: Well, it was a heinous crime, Megyn. She allegedly failed to wear her seat belt.

KELLY: If I've seen it once, I've seen it a million times.

EIGLARSH: Yes. And she also made the mistake of calling in to the police department to complain that the officer wasn't treating her properly.

KELLY: Uh-huh.

EIGLARSH: So that preceeded the officer stopping her, which would seem like a pretextual stop then, and of course we see the rest on the video.

KELLY: She went by a cop, she sees a cop, his sirens going off on his police car, she says, “what's the deal?” he says -- on a car he's in front of.

EIGLARSH: Right. None of your effing business.

KELLY: She says, “what's going on?”He says, “is this your car?” She says no. He said, “then it's none of your effing business.” She gets in the car with her two kids, Arthur, her two kids, drives off. Next thing -- oh, she just happens to be pulled over for a seat belt violation.

ARTHUR AIDALA: Yeah, that's the part that upsets me more than anything. As disturbing as that video is, imagine everybody, your two children, I think 11 and 9 or something, are standing there watching their mother being attacked by law enforcement. This is a woman without a weapon. She's a woman, who is not like a black belt in mixed martial arts. There's no reason for that degree of force.

KELLY: OK, in defense of the police, on this one slice of it, once they try to place you under arrest, you have to submit. I mean, you have to submit.


KELLY: So, you can't resist arrest. However, the pretense, you know, the pretextual reason for pulling her over seems rather clear, Mark, and the initial show of force. And to add insult to injury, you tell me, they charged her -- they charged her criminally with battery on a peace officer and resisting. Those charges were ultimately dropped only when what happened?

EIGLARSH: Well when they saw the video apparently.


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