Megyn Kelly Cherry-Picks From Debunked Report To Criticize Guest For Cherry-Picking Reports 

Richard Socarides: "We Cannot Even Agree On A Basic Fact?”

From the November 3 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File

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RICHARD SOCARIDES: The reporting on this is clear, there is no FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation -- ABC News reported that this afternoon--

MEGYN KELLY (HOST): Not true. That is not true.

SOCARIDES: We cannot even agree on a basic fact as this? 

KELLY: We have conflicting information on that Richard. We have conflicting information on that. We have at least two sources in the FBI saying there is -- listen, listen let me just make clear. You may be trying to draw a line between inquiry and investigation. There absolutely was an inquiry that began, and it may or may not have turned into an investigation. 

SOCARIDES: It is not an investigation. Clearly the Justice Department --

KELLY: Our information according to these FBI sources is that it has progressed.

SOCARIDES: But Megyn, the Justice Department sources tell ABC News this afternoon that there is no investigation of the Clinton Foundation. Now, this thing on the e-mails -- 

KELLY: It's nice for you to just cherry-pick the reports, Richard and completely disregard the FBI agents who are saying there is. But we don't know what the Justice Department --

SOCARIDES: Megyn, you just said that we have conflicting reports. I will agree. 

KELLY: Right, and you're just dismissing half of them.

SOCARIDES: I'm not dismissing any of them. I'm saying that on the one side, you have some unidentified, FBI agents leaking to some reporters that there may be some kind of investigation. But that the Justice Department sources and senior Justice Department sources and senior FBI sources have said there is no investigation ongoing. So I mean, yes, I agree, I mean, I'm not disputing what you said, I agree with you, I think it's disgraceful that we have people on both sides leaking information and we have no idea what the truth is.


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