As McCarthy gives his farewell speech, Fox News gives Matt Gaetz air time to solicit donations

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Citation From the October 3, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): The concern here is that people are seeing your fundraisers instantly going out about this. You're raising money. It is chaos right now.

REP. MATT GAETZ (GUEST): I need to adjust that.

INGRAHAM: Okay. Well, is it not a fundraiser? I think we have a fullscreen of it. Is it a fundraiser or not? And everybody fundraises. Again, I'm not -- I'm just saying that is another criticism of what's going on.

GAETZ: Yeah, if I can get a word in here -- I am the only Republican in the entire United States Congress who takes no lobbyist money and no PAC money. So, absolutely: I communicate daily, vigorously with regular Americans because the only way I am able to advance my political goals is if just regular folks give me $10, $20, $30. So I will take no lecture from the likes of people who do three lobbyist fundraisers a day in order to get cash from special interests on how I raise money. And I take deep offense to anyone who wants to criticize the mailman, the active duty service member, the grandmother who believes in me and goes to to donate. As a matter of fact, I hope they do that right now and I'm not sorry for it at all because I won't take the lobbyist and PAC money like every other person here does.