Matt Schlapp: Gillum's call to “count every vote” means “count the votes of people who are not legally allowed to vote”

Schlapp: Florida election officials making sure every vote is counted “is crooked, wrong, and it needs to be stopped”

From the November 9 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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MATT SCLAPP (FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR): Way to go Senator Rubio for really being on top of this. Look, this happens. Talk to [Sen.] John Thune, talk to Dino Rossi, who ran for governor twice in the state of Washington, talk to Senator Norm Coleman. Republicans are winning on election night, next thing you know, they “find” ballots, which is exactly what's happened down here in Broward County. They found ballots, they started counting those ballots, they never told us exactly how many ballots they still have to count. 

So that leads someone who is cynical, and I'm cynical, because I've watched these races get stolen, that if you don't know how many you're counting, then it's easy to make up the difference. And what they're trying to do in Florida, because there's an automatic recount of the machines if you're under half of a percent, they've already driven it below half a percent, now they're trying to get it below a quarter of a percent, which is they -- I believe they've already gotten to, which means that there will be a hand recount. So, the whole deal here is to get to the hand recount. When you get to the hand recount, it's very similar to what happened in 2000 where you just start going through it ballot by ballot. And I was in a lot of these counties in Florida, it is very subjective. 

And for all of your listeners, here's the key thing: People in elections count provisional ballots. That means you're not on the rolls, but they don't want to have a big riot at the polling stations, so they let you vote. What is happening in Broward County is they are taking those provisional ballots and they are counting all of them, even though these people are not eligible to vote. When you hear Mr. Gillum say “count every vote,” what he's really saying is, “count the votes of people who are not legally allowed to vote.” We don't even know how many of those votes there are, and this is crooked, wrong, and it needs to be stopped.


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