Matt Schlapp decries the lack of “honest people” in the immigration debate. But he's lying about Trump's immigration policies.

Schlapp misleads with claims of asylum fraud and ignores the Trump administration policy change in April that led to increased separation of parents and children seeking asylum at the border

From the June 15 edition of Fox News' America's Newsroom:

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MATT SCHLAPP (AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE UNION): They asked [President Donald Trump] specifically about this question of families who come to the border to cross illegally, and our laws say, are very clear, that that child needs to be -- go through a separate process from the adults. The adults are breaking the law, most likely 80 percent of them. 20 percent of them might really be political asylees, but the others are breaking the law and they have to go through the legal process. The kids are not legally allowed to be with the parents as they go through that legal process. Paul Ryan, the president this morning, a lot of Republicans and a lot of Democrats clearly are saying that's not the right way to do this.

You know what's ironic? It's the same way Barack Obama did it. This is the problem with all of these things, the outrage you see coming from the left. The reason we can't get immigration done is there's not honest people. There wasn't outrage over Barack Obama separating kids from adults. By the way, there was no outrage when [Senator] Kamala Harris, as the AG of California separated parents from kids when she threw people in jail for breaking the law. We're either going to enforce our southern border or we're going to have an open border, and I think the American people believe we should have enforcement of our border. 


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