Mark Levin likens teachers' unions that want COVID-19 protections for schools to segregationists Orval Faubus and George Wallace

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Citation From the August 9, 2020, edition of Fox News' Fox and Friends Weekend

MARK LEVIN (FOX NEWS HOST): Democrat governors have shut down this economy from sea to shining sea. And they like it both ways, the Democrats. They want to lock up everybody like we’re lamb in cages, and then they want to complain about the economic consequences. It ain't gonna cut it.

And then they say this president, look what he's doing. Let me tell you, payback is a bitch. Do you remember Obama, with his phone and his pen? Well, apparently, he left his phone and his pen, and President Trump picked it up. Remember what he said? If the Republicans don't act, he's going to act on his own? And we have DACA, a real piece of legislation.

And by the way, the Chief Justice of the United States said he didn't have any problem with this, so the president of the United States wants to reduce the tax burden on working Americans, and that includes Democrats. He wants to make it possible for people to pay their rent, and he wants to make it possible for people to have some food on the table. And Nancy Pelosi, what was their priority? They want to destroy the electoral system, they want to open the borders for illegal aliens, they want benefits for illegal aliens and they want all of America to bail out New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and California's pension systems.

And meanwhile, their biggest supporters, the teachers' unions, are like Orval Faubus and George Wallace standing in the school doorways, not allowing our little kids to go to school because they won't follow the science, right, Dr. Fauci? “Follow the science, follow the science.” Well, the science says open the schools, but the Democrats won’t. Why? Chaos. Chaos.