Many countries abolished slavery within 10 years, but Fox's Katie Pavlich complains Americans “get no credit” for ending slavery “within 150 years”

Katie Pavlich: “America came along as the first country to end it within 150 years. And we get no credit for that”

Historian and author Kevin M. Kruse listed 14 other countries that abolished slavery decades earlier, dating from their independence, than the United States did. From the March 19 edition of Fox News' Outnumbered:

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KATIE PAVLICH (CO-HOST): On the second topic that you mentioned, about the issue of reparations. A number of Democrats have come out in favor of that, I know you have some strong feelings about it.

HARRIS FAULKNER (CO-HOST): I have strong feelings because -- look, I obviously, I know our history is a shared history with slavery in this country. I get it. And I also understand that reparations are kind of in that spirit of what we can do to make the past right. I'm raising children and what I try to teach them is that we want to make the future bright. We can't always correct the past. But what we can do is we can create jobs. We can create opportunities. We can teach people to fish rather than just eating fish, as the Bible says. I'm paraphrasing, obviously. And so my concern about reparations, or apologies, and all of that, is that we're trying to fix something that is so incredibly broken in the past, but we're taking our eye off the ball of the future. You could take some of that same money and can create some opportunities for young people. You could train -- there are a whole bunch of things you could do with that cash. You also have a strong view on this from a different perspective.

PAVLICH: I have two pretty strong views. I mean, they keep blaming America for the sin of slavery, but the truth is, throughout human history slavery has existed. And America came along as the first country to end it within 150 years. And we get no credit for that, to move forward and try and make good on that. 

LISA KENNEDY MONTGOMERY (CO-HOST): Well we did have a very bloody civil war. 

PAVLICH: Over that issue, correct.


MONTGOMERY: The remnants of the Civil War, particularly Blacks in the South, that was not an easy path. And it was bloody, and violent, and deadly, and we cannot forget that.

JESSICA TARLOV (CO-HOST): And they there were Native Americans here when we showed up.


FAULKNER. Yeah. All of that is true.

PAVLICH: We're still -- my point is that we were the country that decided to end it and we're still dealing with the issue. But if you want to start a problem and to inflame racial tension even more, start blaming people who have nothing to do with slavery for the sin of slavery. That is not fair, that's not the American way, and we shouldn't be doing it. 


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