Laura Ingraham launches unhinged rant describing immigration as the real insurrection

Ingraham: Democrats “are enticing illegals to bust through our borders, exploit our resources, and commit crimes”

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Citation From the February 8, 2021, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Democrats are arguing that Trump welcomed and incited a violent incursion into the Capitol. When it is they who are enticing illegals to bust through our borders, exploit our resources, and commit crimes. And we're not talking about a few hundred, we're talking hundreds of thousands, eventually millions if the Democrats have their way. 

There is an insurrection taking place against America all right. It's been going on for years in the deepest depth of the DC swamp. And now its figurehead resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. This insurrection seeks to overthrow everything we love about America by defaming it, silencing it, and even prosecuting it. This is an organized mob funded by billionaires, it's supported by celebrities. And it's aided and abetted by propagandistic news organizations every single step of the way. These insurrectionists have stormed our schools with BLM indoctrinators, they shuddered our classrooms by empowering union heavys, they've overwhelmed small businesses with idiotic, stupid lockdowns. They've robbed Americans of good-paying oil and gas jobs with obscene climate change dictates. They've ripped down historical markers from Washington to Lincoln. They've terrorized patriotic Americans who are now afraid to just speak their minds. They burn police precincts, they've taken over entire city blocks. Not just for a few hours by the way but for weeks. And as in Portland, months. 

So as they dangle their shimmery impeachment bobble in front of you this week, we will methodically and relentlessly expose their real aims and also we'll expose those providing aid and comfort. Soon America will see who the real threat to democracy is, and how the good guys, once again, can prevail.