Laura Ingraham lashes out at Mike Pence following his refusal to endorse Donald Trump

Ingraham: “Pence should just go down to the border and start welcoming people in”

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Citation From the March 15, 2024, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

NED RYUN (GUEST): So you want another second term of Biden? I mean, Laura, that was loathsome for Mike Pence to say that, and honestly, Mike Pence, Nikki Haley, every last Republican should be endorsing Trump. If you care about this country, if you care about the Constitution, our country cannot survive another four years of this administration. We are already on the brink, and the only man who is going to be the GOP nominee that can beat Joe Biden is Donald J. Trump. So get behind Trump; save the country.

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): I don't know what he's talking about; Trump's not pushing for the policies that they governed on? What is he talking about? I think makes my -- Pence should just go down to the border and start welcoming people in because he might as well do that and start working directly for Biden.