Laura Ingraham gives passionate defense of Sen. Tommy Tuberville's universally condemned hold on military promotions

Ingraham: “They want to say that abortion is integral to the military mission. We know it isn’t”

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Citation From the September 6, 2023, edition of Fox News' The Ingraham Angle

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): Senator Tuberville is within his right to put a hold on simple unanimous consent votes, which means just mass confirmation without votes on individual nominees. He's specifically citing the Pentagon's new rules that promote easier access to abortion since the Dobbs decision. So, let me translate all of this for you. Democrats have a lot of ways to solve this problem. One, they could do a deal with Tuberville, you know, hands off on the abortion stuff. It's not within the military's mission. Two, they could hold real votes, just call a vote on the big nominations. But, they don't want to do either of those things, or they don't want to put vulnerable senators like Manchin or Tester in a tight spot. Instead, they want to say that abortion is integral to the military mission. We know it isn't. But they see this issue as a winner in 2024.