Kris Kobach uses Fox News interview to make his case to be the next DHS secretary 

From the April 8 edition of Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight: 

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TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): So if you're running DHS tomorrow, what would you do first?

KRIS KOBACH (GUEST):  First three things I would do to address this current problem on the border is: number one, we would publish the final version of the regulation that settles the Flores settlement, it supercedes the Flores settlement. Basically it stipulates how the United States can detain an entire family unit together so you wouldn't have separation of families and you could detain them for as long as is necessary. That could be done tomorrow. Second thing is, I would deploy the thousands of FEMA trailers, either to border cities or to military bases in Texas and Arizona and set up processing centers. Instead of just turning loose these bogus asylum applicants on to the American streets never to be seen again. Let's put them in mobile homes, let's process their claims, ship the immigration judges in, have the claims processed right there, and as soon as their claim is denied, put them on a passenger plane and fly them right back home. Word will get out it in the villages back home, hey it doesn't work to get in these caravans anymore, you're not going to be released into the United States.

And then the third thing that I would do is publish a regulation that tells Mexico, in so many words, no your illegal aliens in the United States cannot send remittances home anymore. You can't wire things through Western Union. We could do that with a Treasury regulation. And then tell Mexico, look that regulation is going to take effect and become final unless you sign the third country, safe third country agreement like we have with Canada so that any asylum applicant, the first safe country they step foot in, namely Mexico, they have to apply there for asylum. They can't walk all the way through Mexico. And then say, Oh we're applying for asylum here in the United States. I'd do those three things right away. Keep building the wall and then there's about fifty other executive actions that need to be taken. 


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