On The Kelly File, Dana Loesch Claims Banning The AR-15 “Is A War On Women”

Loesch: “This Is A War On Women, Because The AR-15 Is The Most Popular Rifle With Women. You're Talking About Disarming Women”

From the June 16 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): We are short on time today, but Dana, why does the AR-15 and guns like that, why do those need to be out there?

DANA LOESCH: Well, the AR-15 is -- it's a .22. I mean, if you are actually going to do -- If fact, if I was actually going to go, and go after a bad guy in my house, I'm not gonna grab my AR-15. I'm gonna grab my shotgun, or I'm gonna grab my Glock, I'm gonna grab something a little bit, you know, little bit more serious.

NOMIKI KONST: So why have the killing machines?

LOESCH: Women, this is a war on women, because the AR-15 is the most popular rifle with women.

You're talking about disarming women.

KONST: Oh, come on, Dana. These talking points are ridiculous.


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