Judicial Watch's Tom Fitton instructs Trump to form “transparency strike teams” to storm government buildings and take documents

Fitton: “We can’t allow their discretionary release from the deep staters”

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Citation From the October 9, 2020, edition of Fox News' Lou Dobbs Tonight

TOM FITTON (GUEST): This is what he was hired to do, to drain the swamp and the best disinfectant is sunlight here. And if the agencies -- and the agencies are not going to be cooperative. They will do the minimal necessary they think that will keep the president off their backs. He can't trust the agencies to do it. If I were him, I would send in transparency strike teams out of the White House or folks close to him that he trusts who can go in and take the documents away and release them to the American people. We can't allow their discretionary release from the deep staters to obstruct continuously the right of the American people to know what its government's been up to, especially on the worse corruption scandal in American history.