Jon Stewart Mocks Fox's Attempt To Pin The “Watergate” Label On President Obama

On The Daily Show, host Jon Stewart mocked Fox News' repeated attempts to attach the “Watergate” label to several of the right-wing media's manufactured attacks on President Obama.

After pointing out that the Fast & Furious operation is the latest story to be labeled as “Obama's Watergate” by Fox News, Stewart mocked the network for using the same rhetoric to attack Obama over intelligence leaks, Solyndra, and the BP oil spill.

Right-wing media has repeatedly attempted to pin the “Watergate” label to the Obama administration. In addition to the examples listed by Stewart, right-wing media have unsuccessfully tried to elevate Obama's immigration policy shift, the Joe Sestak “bribe” falsehood, and the “birther” campaign to the status of “Watergate.”

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