John Bolton: Another Fox Contributor With A Super PAC

BoltonFox News contributor John Bolton has become the latest on-air personality employed by the network attached to a political action committee (PAC).

According to a report from The Center for Public Integrity, Bolton will head both Bolton for America PAC and Bolton for America Super PAC. The groups will work towards “restoring national security issues to their proper place on the political agenda,” according to Bolton adviser Mark Groombridge.

Bolton has often used his airtime at Fox to make misleading attacks on President Obama and other Democrats, often on national security and foreign policy.

Bolton is far from the only Fox personality connected to a super PAC. Fox colleague Karl Rove has used his position at Fox to promote the interests of his American Crossroads super PAC, which spent millions opposing Obama and Democratic senatorial candidates in 2012.

Mike Huckabee, host of Huckabee on Fox and a former Republican governor and presidential candidate, runs HuckPAC. HuckPAC donates money to conservatives running for office in local and statewide races. Huckabee has promoted the PAC and its issue campaigns on Fox on multiple occasions.

Former Fox contributor Dick Morris used his appearances on the network to solicit funds for a super PAC he advised.

During his time as a Fox contributor, former Senator Rick Santorum promoted a Senate candidate on-air that had also been endorsed and financed through his PAC, America's Foundation.