Jesse Watters says Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can’t run for president until she’s married with kids

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Citation From the August 3, 2022, edition of Fox News' The Five

JESSE WATTERS (CO-HOST): With age comes wisdom and she's pretty young. That's my nice way of saying she's not very smart. You know when you like pick a banana and the banana's in your hand and it's green and then even if you try to peel it, it's still not even peeling? That's AOC. She's not ripe enough to run for president. First, she has to get married. She has to plan a wedding. You want to plan a wedding and run for president at the same time?

GREG GUTFELD (CO-HOST): Oh, I see what you mean.

WATTERS: Okay, so then her husband would have to do it and the wedding would stink.

GUTFELD: Because she just got engaged.

WATTERS: She's engaged, yes. And then you have to get pregnant. 


WATTERS: No, no, no. This is how it goes. Just follow me, Greg. You get married. Then you get pregnant and then once you have the baby, you have a family and the media loves it. They eat it up. And it makes you more of a mature person. That's why you're so immature. You don't have any kids. So then after she has the family, then she runs for Senate. She runs for Senate in New York. You get to meet all the big-time donors. You get into the Senate and then you are a force to be reckoned with at the hearings. And then she runs for president.