Jesse Watters claims Kamala Harris is being used “like a DEI prop”

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Citation From the May 14, 2024, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): Why does the White House treat Kamala like a DEI prop and dangle her in front of audiences to win over wine moms and African-Americans with windows into her silly personal life? Why would getting to know Kamala better make people more likely to vote for Biden? The American people already know Kamala and they don't like her. We don't care what music she likes or what candles she buys. It's been years of this and we never cared. And you know who really doesn't care about Kamala? Women. Only 36% of American women like her.

Why should we take Kamala Harris seriously if all she does is like ditsy sit-downs with fan girls and talk about date nights? I'm not a fan of Hillary but at least she was serious. She had a healthcare plan. She had foreign-policy plans. Kamala just has plans for dinner. Hillary would never go on a talkshow and blabber about candles and dance routines. Americans are actually worried about Biden's health, whether he can even make it another term. Wouldn't you want to show that Kamala can take the reins, maybe be respected? Why doesn't she want that?