Jesse Watters says Joe Biden is “sliding into authoritarianism”

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Citation From the November 19, 2021, edition of Fox News' Fox News Primetime

RIC GRENELL (GUEST): We right now have a whole bunch of people in Washington that are disinterested in transparency. What they're interested in is covering up for the ruling party. I worked at the State Department for 11 years, Jesse, and I will tell you that if we saw this going on in another country, the State Department would call it out and would add this to the list of all of the reasons why the country is on a slide away from democracy. And we'd put this in their democracy rating report.

And this is a -- this is a bad sign to have it going on in Washington. I can tell you other countries are watching us and they can't believe what's happening in Washington, D.C. and I blame the media.

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): Wow, so you would give them little State Department demerits for sliding into authoritarianism by the way the White House is being not very transparent and corrupt.