Jesse Watters claims immigration is part of a CIA plot to keep wages low

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Citation From the September 25, 2023, edition of Fox News' Jesse Watters Primetime

JESSE WATTERS (HOST): Tonight we're taking a look at America's most powerful agency: the CIA. What have they been up to lately? They're not fighting communism anymore so what are they doing with the billions we're giving them? Why does it seem like the CIA when they're not keeping us safe are moonlighting as corporate America's secret police?

In 1953, a few years after the CIA was founded, they overthrew Iran's government. Why? Oil. The prime minister at the time told western oil companies to get out of the country. Big Oil called the CIA and the CIA started a coup and got rid of the prime minister and brought in someone a little more friendly.

Same thing happened in Cuba. Fidel's biggest sin was killing corporate America. American companies lost hundreds of millions when Castro kicked out the casinos, hotels and food companies. So the CIA uncorked the Bay of Pigs. After that failed, [they] tried to assassinate Fidel for the next 60 years.

When the agency plays bushwhacker for multinationals, there's collateral damage -- like the southern border. Ten thousand third-world migrants march in every day, courtesy of the drug cartels, even planting their flags on our territory -- look at that, I think that's Venezuela -- attacking border agents, biting off cops' fingers. Oops. You're saying the CIA couldn't put a stop to that? But migrants work for big American companies and keep wages low while the cartels make billions and the CIA is nowhere to be found.